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This is a vast subject which covers the techniques that are taught to all those who may find themselves in isolated situations in a hostile environment, typically to those designated as “high risk of capture” e.g., Pilots, Snipers, Special Forces, and Spies.

With Survival, the emphasis is teaching you to be able to live off the land; the better you are able to do this,the more time you have to figure out your escape or for friendly forces to find and extract you. The focus wherever you are is always on Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food.

You will be taught to assess the threat that is being forced upon you, retain a positive mental attitude, use established procedures, create and follow your evasion plan of action, be patient and flexible, live off the land, and conserve strength for critical periods.

You have been Abducted / Kidnapped; what can you expect and how do you handle yourself ? The captors main aim is to extract as much information from you. This can be personal details, information about your unit, or even the remainder of the team that may still be at large. The information that they can extract from you can jeopardise present or future operations, and also lives of comrades, to that end you need to be mentally prepared for all interrogation techniques.

Upon exiting a tunnel you find yourself approaching an illegal vehicle checkpoint (VCP) and must react using the drills you have been taught. You debus and begin engaging targets to your front across the bonnet of the vehicle.

You continue to engage targets while fighting through the killing zone, switching between weapons as necessary, communication movement, stoppages and mag changes as per your drills. Once all targets are eliminated, you fight back to your vehicle and extract.

Surrounded by an electric fence and high cliff faces, there is only one route to an installation which you must blow up. As you break cover, you will head straight for the fence with wire cutters to infiltrate the enemy compound and place the explosive device. This should be done covertly but if your cover is blown you must fight your way out. You will need to coordinate your extraction by helicopter to ensure you leave the scene before the device explodes.

This operation introduces operatives to heavy weapons systems and live-fire exercises at remote training facilities in the US. You will engage static, multiple and moving targets. As well as developing your skills, there is an element of competition around speed, accuracy and grouping. Objectives include buildings, vehicles and explosive targets.




You have been chosen to train for a highly-classified mission after the organisation Universal Exports sanctioned a raid on a vessel last seen off the coast of the Mediterranean island of Lastovo . On board is the Lektor Enigma Machine, recently stolen from Her Majesty’s Government.

You will learn to insert onto moving vessels from air and sea, neutralise opposition with specialised weapons and learn the art of close-quarter battle while slipping in and out of hostile environments.

From the modern surrounds of Venice and briefings from ex-security operatives, along the paradise coast lines of the Adriatic Sea, this operation takes you on an adrenaline - packed journey under the Mediterranean sun.

You will also experience machine-gun shooting from helicopters as you fire a mounted M60 .308 machine gun from a MD530F Turbine Helicopter.


Your mission is to find a data-storage location, place a timed explosive and destroy it before Count Alexi can decrypt it. Your cover will be as a weapons training officer inside his militia.

You must engage and eliminate any and all targets along the way. Make sure you utilise surrounding cover and shoot to kill. Any noise will trigger Count Alexi’s militia, who are stationed two miles from the facility, to come to his rescue. So don’t make too much of a mess.

We know where the Count has been holed up and it is not too far away. Once you have placed the explosives you must track and kill Count Alexi. You will need to be stealthy, as he has recently doubled his personal guard. There is no time to wait as he is likely to drop off the radar any minute, this could be the last chance. You must find him and assassinate him.


You have seen the films, read the books and fantasized about what it is like to be a British Secret Agent. It has been impossible for you to fulfil this fantasy; you can buy the watch, the car and go to the casino, but you will never actually know what it is like to be a Secret Agent… until now.
We have pulled together a team of the most highly-trained and experienced professionals from Her Majesty’s Special Forces and Secret Service, added to them a production team that has worked not only on recent Secret Agent projects, but also delivered ultra-high-end events worldwide. We mix never-before available fire-arms scenarios, pursuit and rescue, demolitions and explosives, glamorous women and never-ending excitement.
The mission has you pursuing a high-value target across an international landscape, not everything goes to plan; you’ll need to improvise!
It doesn’t require any previous experience. You will receive all relative training to complete each element of the mission, and be constantly accompanied by your personal Special-Forces counterpart, who will guide and support you wherever necessary to become the next Secret Agent.


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