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The overall mission of the AISIS is to provide and cooperate to the UNODC, MOSSAD, THE MEIR AMIT INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER of ISRAEL, and Governments, the proper and required reports, analyzes, studies and proposals for the prevention and suppression of threats or aggression against the independence or integrity of countries anywhere in the world and its institutions. 

Fight all forms of violent criminality and in particular:

Terrorism is one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. It represents one of the greatest violations of human rights and fundamental liberties and has direct effect on the exercise of all human rights, especially the right to life, liberty and security and personal integrity.

Acts of terrorism have the core objective to destabilize governments, weaken civil society, endanger citizens and jeopardize rights, liberties and guarantees. The social, moral and economic effects negatively affect all citizens. 

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