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In today's world, it is possible that the first line of defense of global security passes by public awareness of the real environment of insecurity in which we live. The feeling of security is achieved by a constant and collaborative effort between governments and citizens, and it is in this spirit of collaboration that the CIIC wants to cooperate, using the method and correct knowledge, in order to deliberately develop rapid and continuous changes in humanity and technology.
Terrorism and organized crime have global repercussions, and there has been an evolution from national threats with limited relevance, to global dangers and threats.
Transnational crime and terrorism have crossed borders, endangering freedom and security of citizens of all countries. We intend, with the acquired knowledge, to promote a culture of awareness, so that there is a good judgment of the existing dangers, motivating citizens in performing an active role in the fight against these phenomena. The work we perform in the CIIC, with great commitment and concrete dedication, it is in view of building a better and safer world. 
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