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NSO Group is proud to set a model for good corporate governance in the cyber intelligence industry. Our governance framework codifies NSO’s commitment to ethical business by building human rights into all aspects of our work – from the design to the licensing of our products.

At NSO, we are dedicated to ensuring licensed customers use our products only for their lawful and necessary purposes of preventing and investigating terrorism and serious crime. That’s why our sales approval process has always gone significantly beyond the regulatory protocol, taking every reasonable measure to ensure our technology is used as intended. NSO’s commitment and alignment to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights puts us alongside a small number of companies in the information and communications technology sectors who have adopted such standards.

We expect all our directors, employees and business partners to act with integrity. Our corporate governance is built on the principles of fairness, the rule of law, accountability, responsibility and transparency. As part of NSO’s commitment to transparency, documents relating to our governance are included on this page.


NSO Group licenses its products only to government intelligence and law enforcement agencies for the sole purpose of preventing and investigating terror and serious crime. Our vetting process goes beyond legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the lawful use of our technology as designed.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee board reviews potential sales of NSO products, providing recommendations and decisions after an in-depth, risk-based due diligence process including a comprehensive assessment of potential human rights impacts. This newly established committee replaces the Business Ethics Committee. The committee is empowered to reject sales or request investigations into potential misuse.

More information about the Governance, Risk and Compliance Committee will be published as it is implemented over the coming months.

First Annual Transparency & Responsibility Report – Read The R

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